Saturday, March 5, 2011

11 Second Club February Results!

Hi Everyone, it's that time again. After a long hiatus for the holidays, I jumped back into the 11 Second Club competition for February. This month was a very active clip from Garden State, and certainly challenging. It's been a long time since I've attempted full body mechanics, my last two submissions being mostly from waist-up, so it was intimidating, but fun to tackle. With a short month, and many things going on, it was not easy to stay focused on this daunting endeavor, but managed to get through, and ultimately finished 14th place out of 191 entries, tied with my highest ranking ever. Here is a look at the breakdown pass:

Did quite a few breakdowns to really describe the movement of the dance, and her active explanation that follows. Now, here is the final piece:

And that is that! Again, been getting great feedback from colleagues and DreamWorks Animators to which I'm very thankful for, their input is a huge help. Now I shall take my hiatus month and hopefully jump back in again in April! Thanks for watching!


Firefly said...

so proud of you!

David Badgerow said...

Thank you :-)

JennySRP said...

It's really awesome David! You should have won! =D