Tuesday, October 30, 2007

TIAF07 Booklet

Yesterday I got a package from Taiwan in the mail, from their annual International Animation Festival. As you probably heard me blab about before, I was selected as an international exhibition piece. Anyway, they sent me back my Betacam copy of Herbie-Fun-Time, along with a beautiful 300+ page full-color book that covered the entire scope of the festival, kind of like half-program, half retrospective. The book itself is a gorgeous insight into the festival which apparently covered "Best of" reviews from Ottawa, Annecy, and Platform. The festival also showcased some of the biggest animated features of the year including Ratatouille. Skip to page 168 in the "Personification" section of the book, and here you will find:

There I am! Wonderfully translated into characters I only wish I could understand! This marks probably the biggest festival that Jungle Gym will ever be a part of. So glad to be part of an event that showcased such incredible works! Ok, enough boasting for now. Back to work!!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Tracking Jobs

This week started out as a week to make head way on Job Track, my thesis, and has ended up being an unexpected job hunt. Through power of persuasion, suggestion, recommendations and surprising information, I ended up applying to about four jobs this week. Of course, I found out yesterday that the e-mail I used to apply to all these jobs has been spam-flagged and so none of my applications got delivered, so I re-applied yesterday and today to three of the four (one of the jobs I decided wasn't worth the effort). So, we'll see where it goes! In the meantime, hopefully it's back to the thesis!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Thesis work

Hey y'all. My apologies for how silent I have been on this blog, I have recently been getting back to my thesis production again, so that means drawing lots and lots of boards like the one seen above. I imagine that I'll probably have close to 550-600 boards by the time I'm done with the whole thing, and I have 238 boards drawn so far. I hesitate to post them here, so just snippets of it will have to do for now. Below are a few other shots from the scene I recently completed.