Friday, August 31, 2007

The Odd Couple

A friend of mine and I often joke about how these two arch rivals, away from the more serious-business world of StarFox, would continue their misadventures in a sit-com paradigm where Wolf is continuously trying to capture or trap Fox, but usually ends up punk'd or pranked by the StarFox team leader, usually to the hilarity of Fox and the chagrin of Wolf, as illustrated in this kind of faux-logo.

Monday, August 13, 2007

High Def Exploration

In preparation for some new film festivals I'm submitting to, and also in a continuous exploration for more effective and efficient rendering methods, I've been doing some new high definition renders for Jungle Gym. I chose to tackle scene 26 this time, aka "Determination shot", since it seems to be a popular image for film fests and poster images, and would be a good opportunity to fix some render errors and layer in some grain, lens vignette, ambient occlusion, and of course amp up the resolution considerably. Here you can see a before...

And after... (click to experience high-def goodness)

Monday, August 6, 2007

Suddenly, braaap!

This is a little piece that I made for my brilliant illustrator friend, Eji. She was telling me one night about how she has these surprise burps sometimes, and chose to describe it to me in ascii-language as follows:
( '3')
( 'O') !!!
( '~') ...
Which, basically demands to be drawn. So here was my chibi-interpretation! Click image to see full-size version.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Taiwan International Animation Festival

So I was recently informed that Jungle Gym has been given the honor of being exhibited as an international piece at the 2007 Taiwan International Animation Festival. It excites me to think of such a large audience having to watch 3 and a half minutes of hippo-mation, I just hope they enjoy it and don't start tomato-ing the screen! So anyway, Godspeed to the first overseas adventure of Herbie the Hippo, may he find many tasty treats to munch on in the world of Taiwan.