Saturday, October 9, 2010

11 Second Club Sept Results

Hey all, so as previously stated, I crunched through the Sept 11 second club competition. Each time I run through, I learn a little more, get a little faster, and hopefully a little better. This month was a fun clip from Angel Heart that allowed for some fun facial acting and interesting arm and hand gestures to work through in the breakdowns. As before, I wish I had another day or two to really work out the polish, would have liked to do a better facial pass on both, as well as fix some of the linear motion in there. But nonetheless, I came in 14th place out of 209 entries! My best submission yet.

I've been getting great feedback from the extraordinarily talented animators at DreamWorks. I'm hugely grateful for their input, it's like getting a masters class while at work! Hopefully I can digest their notes and put them to good use in the November competition. Now I'm in my "month off" as I attend to life related matters again, prepare for several weddings I'll be in, run errands and get ready for the upcoming holidays!


erica said...

I remember voting pretty high on this one! You definitely did some nice work. This was the first time I voted at the 11sec club and the number of entries overwhelmed me. So many animations, they all started blurring together. But yours was definitely one of the ones that stood out.

David Badgerow said...

Thank you, erica!!