Monday, December 17, 2007

Big Bad Voodoo Drawing

Last night, Eji and I went to see Big Bad Voodoo Daddy's holiday show at the Lancaster Performing Arts Center. The show was fantastic as usual, but my brother had somehow arranged with their client-relations person for me to meet the band personally before the show. Knowing this, I went ahead and drew a caricature of the original 7 band members, who will be celebrating their 15th year together in April 08, and gave them this picture before the show started. They seemed to dig it, so that's good! I totally worship these dudes, so I was pretty excited to meet them!

Me and the band, before the show. Look how cool their shoes are!

Joshua Levy (piano) and I. This guy is like, my musical hero basically.


CresceNet said...
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THE SIR said...

awesome!! you finally got to meet and greet him. cool drawring.

THE SIR said...

two things:
1. what was so bad that the administrator had to remove it, and..

2. what new stuff will you blog on about next. I'm curious to see more.

David Badgerow said...

1. It was spam/advertisement junk.

2. I'm sure if I snag the South Park gig, I will be posting some original SP-ification caricatures that I've gotten requests for. If not, I'll just be posting more drawings and practice sketches.