Saturday, August 9, 2008

How NOT to animate

This week's post is a piece of humor for all you 3D animators out there currently fighting with splines. A friend of mine recently had the super-fun duty of cleaning up keyframes on some of his animators shots for a project he was involved with. Apparently some stuff was very clean and required little fixing, but some stuff well, he sent me a screenshot of one of the animators Graph Editors just to get a taste of the horror. Those of you with weak stomachs may want to shield your eyes.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is not motion capture data you are looking at, it is keyframe data. I don't even know how something ends up looking like that. A colleague of mine said "maybe he thought he had to key the hell out of it to keep the spline looking straight". At any rate, hilarious and hideous. If you're ever feeling bad about your own GE looking dirty, you can now have a piece of schadenfreude to look upon and feel better. Enjoy.

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THE SIR, James Suhr said...

hey this really funny, but i would love to see one of your drawings.